Feed baby with confidence

No matter how you feed – confidence should always be a part of the recipe.



There are many ways to feed a Baby. The only “right” way to feed YOUR baby, is the way YOU decide. Our Pediatric Dietitian and Lactation Consultant can help you meet those goals.


Growing is a part of life – but sometimes it isn’t as easy as it should be. Our Pediatric Dietitian can identify your baby’s specific growth goals, and devise a plan to help you meet those goals.

Why grow Baby?

Baby needs good nutrition to grow. That may include breastmilk, formula, purees, solids and/or a combination of all of those things! Grow Baby is powered by a Pediatric Dietitian {aka nutrition expert} who is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant {aka lactation expert}. So no matter how you feed, Grow Baby provides expertise in all things feeding and growing baby related.

Casie H.
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Lauren is absolutely phenomenal. She gives such good advice, follows up with you, and is great at giving reassurance! You can tell she loves her job and that she is right where she belongs!
Lisa C.
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I can't say enough positive things about Lauren Sams. Having a baby nutritionist & breastfeeding specialist like her is worth every penny. You can tell she is a total nerd about baby nutrition and passionate about helping parents and their babies thrive. I also love that she works to continue her education and will soon be an IBCLC! We began with a prenatal consultation a few weeks before my son arrived. She provided so much great information and answered my long list of questions about all things related to feeding my baby. Then postpartum, I really struggled with breastfeeding. Lauren supported me in my goals, reassured me I was doing great, helped troubleshoot, and coached me through personal decisions. She always made my baby and I feel nurtured which has earned her the honorary title of Auntie Lauren!
Cara C.
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Lauren is extremely intelligent, stays up to date on all topics related to lactation and nutrition, and is exceptional at her job. Growing babies is her passion and you can tell by her love for her job and everyone she comes into contact with. She is always there to listen and help when I am worrying about my little one. Together, she has helped me work through anxiety over green poop, develop a transition plan for breastfeeding and bottle feeding before I went back to work, troubleshoot reasons why my son was having a hard time taking a bottle and SO MUCH MORE! She is knowledgeable, friendly, positive and always motivating. She never makes you feel like you are doing the wrong thing. As new mom, I truly appreciate her support. I would absolutely recommend her services! She is the only resource you’ll need about lactation and nutrition for your little babies!